About Us

Tomark Worthen was formed in 2012 to commercialize innovative co-extruded PV backsheets.

This new venture combined over 20 years of Tomark’s PV experience with Worthen’s over 100 years of Manufacturing Experience. We are experts in PV backsheets and Fluoropolymers with the capability to make the products you need to be competitive.


ISO Certified, field tested, high quality, TUV Certified


Rapid Response, Technical Support, Happy Customers


Excellent toughness, great durability, high RTI


Tomark-Worthen has vast experience and can make customized product to fit your needs

Tomark-Worthen History

  • Tomark formed by Tom Kloss Jr, introduced Photomark® TPT & TPE via Madico

  • Worked with Honeywell to introduce Halar based backsheet.
  • Partnered with Hanita coatings to introduce KPE – Kynar based backsheets

  • Introduced first highly reflective TPE backsheet

  • Tomark Worthen LLC formed to develop co-ex backsheets and alternate low cost backsheet candidates.

  • Partnered with Bixby to introduce BixCure® EVA encapsulate.
  • Introduced Protekt® FP Coated backsheet

Leadership Team


David Santoleri, President
Dave brings over 30 years of product development and business management experience to the team. Dave has expertise in fluoropolymers, packaging solutions and plastic materials


Andreas Rothacker, Vice President
Andreas has global business development experience, specializing in extruded products and multi-layered structures.

Dr. Christopher Thellen

Christopher joined the team in 2016 and brings over 15 years of plastics co-extrustion experience to Tomark-Worthen. Dr. Thellen is a published author in several technical journals and speaks at both domestic and international conferences on various topics related to thermoplastic film and sheet development.


Robert Davis, Product and Market Development Leader
Bob brings over 50 years of experience in the plastics industry. Bob has vast knowledge of plastics materials, including fluorpolymers and polyamides. He has over 25 years experience in the PV market, being instrumental in introducing TPT, TPE, fluoropolymer coated backsheets, KPE and now PhotoMark® Reflections®.