PhotoMark® Reflections™ is a durable PV backsheet with no interlayer adhesives, PET or fluoropolymers.

This revolutionary new backsheet is based on a proprietary polyamide alloy that will not deteriorate with exposure to UV light or moisture. Stable and cost effective, PhotoMark® Reflections™ backsheets use known materials that are proven in outdoor applications.

These backsheets are manufactured using a single, co-extrusion process. Unlike PET-based systems that still rely on two layers of adhesive in the construction, PhotoMark® Reflections™ eliminates multiple manufacturing steps, which saves money and production time. This process is also environmentally safe because it does not use solvents. In addition, PhotoMark® Reflections™ backsheets are customizable from three to five layers, making easy color changes possible.

We also supply an entire line of backsheets to the solar market, as outlined below. 

Excellent bond to EVA with superior toughness
Extraordinary laminator qualities
Zero waste and 100% recyclable
Long-term durability
No hydrolysis degradation in long-term damp heat
High reflectivity

Typical Properties 1000V
Thickness, ± 10%

255 +/-10% μm

EVA Peel Strength, N/cm > 40
EVA Peel Strength, N/cm > 40
Weight, g/m^2 ± 10% 270
Partial Discharge VDC >1,000
Shrinkage after 30 min at 150C, (MD/TD) 0.20% / 0.20%
Tensile Strength, MPa (MD/TD) 27.4 / 24.8
Modulus, MPa 327 / 261
Elongation, % 595 / 563
Dielectric, KV DC 33.8
Comparative Testing Index, V 600
RTI, ºC 130 °C
MVTR, g/m²/day 2.4
Volume Resistivity, Ω/mm3 4.1 x 1012
Reflectivity, % TBD
Colors (front/back) White/White, Black/Black
Roll Sizes 50cm-140cm, 150m to 600m

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