PhotoMark® Backsheets

PhotoMark® Reflections™ is a durable PV backsheet with no interlayer adhesives, PET or fluoropolymers.

This revolutionary new backsheet is based on a proprietary polyamide alloy that will not deteriorate with exposure to UV light or moisture. Stable and cost effective, PhotoMark® Reflections™ backsheets use known materials that are proven in outdoor applications.

These backsheets are manufactured using a single, co-extrusion process. Unlike PET-based systems that still rely on two layers of adhesive in the construction, PhotoMark® Reflections™ eliminates multiple manufacturing steps, which saves money and production time. This process is also environmentally safe because it does not use solvents. In addition, PhotoMark® Reflections™ backsheets are customizable from three to five layers, making easy color changes possible.

Excellent bond to EVA, no oozing and superior toughness
Superior laminator qualities
Zero waste and 100% recyclable
VOC-free; no solvents needed to produce
Long-term durability
No hydrolysis degradation in long-term damp heat
High reflectivity

Typical Properties 1000V
Thickness, ± 10%

255 +/-10% μm

EVA Peel Strength, N/cm > 40
EVA Peel Strength, N/cm > 40
Weight, g/m^2 ± 10% 270
Partial Discharge VDC >1,000
Shrinkage after 30 min at 150C, (MD/TD) 0.20% / 0.20%
Tensile Strength, MPa (MD/TD) 27.4 / 24.8
Modulus, MPa 327 / 261
Elongation, % 595 / 563
Dielectric, KV DC 33.8
Comparative Testing Index, V 600
RTI, ºC 130 °C
MVTR, g/m²/day 2.4
Volume Resistivity, Ω/mm3 4.1 x 1012
Reflectivity, % TBD
Colors (front/back) White/White, Black/Black
Roll Sizes 50cm-140cm, 150m to 600m

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