PhotoMark® eTPU

PhotoMark® eTPU™ is a thermoplastic encapsulant that offers excellent strength and outstanding resistance to moisture and UV light.

Users benefit from its high bond to cells, glass and substrates. This high performance aliphatic polyether thermoplastic polyurethane film can be laminated into a range of glass and plastics components. Thickness is customizable based on customers’ needs.

Performance features of PhotoMark® eTPU™ include:

  • Excellent laminated transparency
  • Superior hydrolysis & microbial resistance
  • Outstanding low temperature flexibility
  • Medium durometer and modulus
  • Adhesion promotion
  • Exceptional cold impact

Relying on its two-decade history in PV innovation, Tomark-Worthen has created this breakthrough product. Based on known materials that have excellent track records in outdoor applications and provide excellent laminator qualities, PhotoMark® eTPU™ makes panels more durable and cost effective.

Tensile Strength, MPa: 45
Modulus, MPa (100%,300%): 2, 7
Elongation, %: 500
Tear Resistance, N/mm: 37
Hardness, Shore A: 80
Specific Gravity: 1.07
Softening Point, (ºC): 80
Melting Point, (ºC): 140
Tg Midpoint (ºC): -36
Light Transmittance, (%): 90
Haze, (%): 0.31
Refractive Index: 1.5

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