Tomark-Worthen has great respect for the environment and the precious resources found in our world.

We feel it is important to do our part to minimize the environmental impact we have, especially as we focus on green energy sources. That’s why we have developed a product for solar panel backsheets that is effective, durable and environmentally sustainable. Our PV backsheets are created without any fluorine-containing materials and are made by a process that does not create any waste.

The Problem With Traditional Backsheets

Our mission is to educate PV module makers on the value of using a green product that performs as well or better than all backsheets on the market today. Current products use films to produce backsheets through a lamination process, which requires solvent-based adhesives to adhere the layers together. This process causes a burn-off of dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Additionally, the lamination production process creates waste, which is sent to deteriorate in landfills.

Our Sustainable Backsheet Solution

PhotoMark® Reflections™ backsheets are produced using a co-extrusion process, which eliminates multiple manufacturing steps. Production doesn’t require solvents and adhesives, so they are VOC free. There is zero waste, and they are 100% recyclable.

PhotoMark® Reflections™ backsheets are used in solar panels, manufacturers and end-users are assured of high-performance, sustainable products. Our backsheets exhibit superior toughness and do not degrade from UV light or moisture. They provide excellent bond to EVA, with no oozing. In addition to providing high reflectivity, they are customizable from three to five layers with easy color changes possible.

Our CEO Speaking On Our Sustainabilty Efforts